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Our Facilities

Our shop is located within an industrial complex that is part of an active municipal airport and has a security patrol. Our building has approximately 5500sqft of floor space with approximately 1000sqft of upstairs storage. All projects are kept inside.

The paint room houses the Sikkens mixing machine and toners necessary to make any color needed. Color documentation is kept in the computer and in a card file.

Paint quantities as small as .1liter (baby food jar) can be accurately made. Correct color matching is no problem.

Our paint booth is a reverse flow design and is a separate building.

All stainless trim items are repaired and polished in house. We take pride in being able to rework dented or scratched trim parts to better than new condition.
Machine work is sublet and we assemble the engine rebuilds.

We have various fixtures to support body off projects.
All chassis and accessories are run,checked and tuned prior to placing the body back on frame.

From convertible tops to floor mats we are able to provide quality interior upholstery.

When you need a fully qualified shop that can handle any restoration project Contact Lloyd or Jeff at 863-533-3722