How much will it cost?

This is probably the most asked question if not verbally surely in every one’s mind. The actual total cost for a complete project is very difficult to determine. There are many factors and variables for original restorations that play into the total cost equation. Each project has its own unique problems that are not always seen in pre-restoration condition. Fresh paint finishes can always hide poor metal work or body repairs. Mechanical and electrical issues are difficult to evaluate if the project is not in running condition.

Costs related to custom or modified cars are directly related to how far the customer wants to take the project. As with any time and materials job the issue of trust is of the utmost importance. For this reason we encourage and maintain an open door policy with our customers to keep them informed of all aspects of their project.

How long will it take?

The length of time for most full body off restorations takes at least twelve months for large vehicles and possibly less for smaller unit body cars. The duration factor or the overall time the project is in the shop is proportionately related to the condition of the project upon its arrival and the work load in the shop. Custom or modified cars have a similar duration, however, changes or components for the project must be designed, fabricated and pre fit then the entire project must be disassembled for final finishes and reassembly.

Do you do partial restorations?

Yes we do. Our partial restorations would be mostly related to the body repair and paint portion of a customer’s project. Mechanical updates or preparing a vehicle to be road worthy is considered as repairs.

How much for just a paint job?

The “Paint Job” is just one part of the entire restoration commitment. When we do “just a paint job” it will include:

  • Complete disassembly of all vehicle panels (weather strips, trim, hardware, etc.)

  • Removal of all surface coatings

  • Repairing all metal problems

  • Insuring proper fitment of all panels

  • Complete body work from initial primer to final top coats on all surfaces of all panels

  • Color sanding and buffing all top coated surfaces

  • Reassembly of the panels to the vehicle.

We do not do sand and repaints over existing paint or repair/salvage someone else’s poor work.

What type of cars do you do?

We have done many different types of domestic vehicles which include:

  • Ford

  • Chevrolet 

  • Cadillac

  • Buick

  • Pontiac

  • Oldsmobile

    Foreign vehicles include:

  • Porsche

  • Mercedes

  • Ferrari

  • BMW

  • Jaguar

  • Austin-Healey

  • Volvo