Feb 07

Custom 1960 Corvette

This 1960 Corvette has been a part of the owner’s family since 1965. The last time he drove it he was 16 and got rear ended by a truck on that trip. After many years of resting it was decided to put some life back into this ride. First it got a complete mechanical update to the components that were necessary to get it road worthy and safe; new electrical harness, brake system, exhaust system, engine/trans reseal, clutch and a set of tires with tread and the ability to hold air. After a test drive and some wind in the owner’s hair once again it was decided that the exterior just didn’t cut it anymore and a complete body repair of numerous fiberglass issues and historical modifications was in order. All the bumps, gashes and bruises were smoothed, gaps were corrected and panels were straightened. The Convertible top frame was repaired/refinished a new white soft top was installed. Door channels and guides along with new tempered glass and fuzzies finished the door areas. The instrument cluster was refinished along with the console panel. Tunes now come from a new radio unit and speaker all topped with a new padded dash that finished the interior improvements we were asked to do. If the color is in question for this car, the owner is a big University of North Carolina fan. Go Tar Heels! Yesteryear is being enjoyed all over again!