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1963 Chevy Corvette Roadster

This 63 Roadster has great mechanical attributes but lacked the quality body fit and finish the owner knew the car deserved. It was agreed that a complete re-body was what would offer the best bang for the buck. Providing improved body gaps and lines, removing the wheel fender flares as well as the friendly waving body panels. New one piece front and rear clips along with new door skins and a “Stinger” style hood are giving this old girl a fresh face lift that will make everyone notice once back on the street. Interior amenities such as AC, Stereo, and a new fabric top will also be included in the project. Enjoy the pictures below to see the progress of the project to its completion. Another welcomed feature for the owner on this project is now everything works; door latches, locks,(interior & exterior), windows, odometer, etc. Rechromed vent frame assemblies were done by Sherm’s Custom Plating, Sacramento, California.