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1955 Chevy Nomad

This 1955 Chevy Nomad was adorned with many options. Power steering, power brakes, automatic transmission, automatic headlight dimming, clock, signal seeking radio, sun visor, compass, traffic viewer, front and rear bumper guards, rocker trim and Air Conditioning. It received a complete overhaul with a few updates that were disguised to blend in as an original restoration. The two barrel carburetor was replaced with an EFI unit for better drivability. The generator was replaced by a PowerGen unit that was an alternator that looked like a generator that provided plenty of power for the EFI, AC and Stereo amp. All components were refinished as an original restored vehicle. A new floor was installed due to the numerous support parts and panels requiring rust repair. The 265 engine was overhauled along with the powerglide transmission. The AC system was completely disassembled cleaned and rebuilt using modern materials and products. The compressor was rebuilt to operate using refrigerant 134A. The automatic headlight dimming system was cleaned and rebuilt to actual operate. The radio was rebuilt with internal components offering AM,FM and Bluetooth functions as well the original signal seeking ability. The interior design represents the original design finished in leather rather than vinyl made by Ciadella Intriors. All chrome work was done by Sherms Custom Plating. The final look was enhanced by a set of custom billet wheels from Schott Wheels, 17×7 front and 18×8 rear with Diamond red line tires. Suspension was lowered 2 inches in the front and back for best stance. The body was covered with Sikkens base black and clear. The Nomad has a new life and is being enjoyed by its owner.