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1930 Ford Pick-Up

This pick up has hauled more than its share of loads over its life time and has been given a chance for a new future. The owner wanted the pick up to look original but with some pizzazz. Therefore some areas of the truck are non-authentic. A complete 100% disassembly of the project revealed it gave its all during the last 80 years. Being as cost efficient as possible all old sheet metal parts that required metal work and body work that would have exceeded the cost of the new parts were replaced with very good reproduction pieces. We practiced this philosophy throughout the project for parts that had repair or refinish cost greater than their replacement cost. All usable original parts were stripped, derusted and refinished. All chassis and drive line components were disassembled, cleaned, painted and resealed. The engine received a complete overhaul and balance along with a resurfaced flywheel and new clutch. Tom McFadden of “Bitchin Stitchin of Central Florida” made the custom tasteful interior. Chrome touches done bySherms Custom Plating in Sacramento, California. All dressed up and ready to go out on the town, this new hauler is ready for the road again and never looked so good, less the left over parts no longer needed.